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Patriotic private equity
Investing in France
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From legaltech to elderly's assistance
Based in Belize
For the respect of trade secrecy
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About Us

we provide the solution for asset management

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Our Success

Since 2018 in Belize, AcinonyxInvest help his pretigious clients wanting fiscal optimization & privacy invest trust. Acinonyx is the name of acinonyx jubatus, the latin name of the cheetah, symbol of our trust. With the time it’s now a patriotic french trust linking investors with startupers to build the future together.

We now provide solutions to startups, corporates & physical persons
with a full-service offering, including systems integration and technology consulting services, to assist in delivering high performance trading and settlement


Short study time

Thanks to the versatility and availability of our team, we are able to make decisions very quickly.

A versatile team of professionals

Our team includes competent and experienced professionals in several fields around the world: law, economics, groth hacking, marketing, entrepreneurs…

Grow your business

Our investors are able to get your business off the ground with investments of all types !


We are more than
a trust

Acinonyx Invest is also a community linking investors to startupers. Our dynamic and young team is very aware of future’s oppotunies 
With this experience and having experienced the worst crises (but also the most beautiful speculative bubbles) in the market, we are able to advise you regardless of the economic conjecture.
You too can trust our experience and become a partner.


We are patriotic
and versatile

Acinonyx Invest’s originality is to invest in the common interest: we make patriotic investments serving the common good and always prefer to support small start-ups over large existing industries (which rarely need help anyway).
Our versatile positions also allow us to always be a winner: there is always a sector in full evolution !

Clients’ Testimonials

  • Acinonyx Invest surprised me for its speed and efficiency: we send for study the files of many startups in Luxembourg, I get in the week a decision followed by recommendations even in case of refusal, never seen before!
    So I always send to Acinonyx since I never have anything to lose.

    Elise Vangelet
    CEO, Luxembourgian Startuper
  • Excellent serious team always attentive to our constraints and above all very fast. We have been able to launch a lot of projects thanks to them, they are very reasonable.
    Acinonyx Invest is our privileged partner.

    Adrian Van Straal
    CEO, Dutch Startuper
  • I don’t know what to say, AcinonyxInvest helped us a lot !

    Founder of Culte-du-code.fr